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        Below you will find a selection of ready-made programmes that we have prepared for you. These packages, all named after personalities of the Ancient Greek Mythology (Heroes, Divinities, Nymphs, Gods), include various combinations of these destinations and tours that, according to our long experience and previous knowledge, have proven to be the most highly-visited and popular places in Greece. Read the general description (the "title") of each package, that gives information on how many days/nights it lasts and which destinations it includes, and then click on the package(s) of your interest: a pop-up window will then give you all necessary knowledge on the itinerary, pricing and inclusions of the package. IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you don't find a package that is EXACTLY what you need and have in mind (both in terms of length and of destinations included), then choose the one(s) that are closest to your wishes and contact us by email. The package that you will have chosen will form the base of our email correspondence. ANY change and alteration is possible and our aim is always to best fit your needs!



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